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Bathroom Month

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5 TIPS on How can I make my bathroom better?
1. first thing you should do is to tame your clutter. Let’s start with something simple that’ll cost you nothing. Clean up…Keep the good stuff and toss, recycle, or donate the rest. We recommend doing this every 3-6 months, if you can, not just when you get that itch to clean. It’ll help make you more mindful of waste, and it’s usually a great way to kick start a more serious bathroom refresh.

2. Bring in some fresh scents. Another cheap and easy way to give you all the fresh vibes is to bring in some fresh scents. We love picking up floral, citrusy, or herbal hand soaps, along with a new candle, and even room spray to change things up. 

3. Switch out your linens. A new set of towels somehow has the amazing ability to jumpstart any bathroom makeover. Go for a nice spring color option, or stick to neutrals with some bright whites.

4. Swap out your shower curtain. This upgrade is super affordable, and can make a huge difference in your space. There are tons of trendy options, so you really have no reason to not get a new shower curtain. Oh, and if you’re willing to fork out a little more, trade those basic shower curtain rings for something a little more exciting too.

5. Add storage. Assuming you’ve taken the time to declutter, add in storage baskets, shelves, over-the-toilet units (yes they make a few that aren’t hideous) to keep clutter at bay, or to at least help disguise it in between deep cleans. Go for nice neutral pieces. We love a good neutral basket to hide dirty clothes!