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A Guide to Living Room Lighting

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Finding the right lighting for any space can be an exciting challenge. However, there’s something special about searching for the perfect living room fixtures. Wide, open spaces allow for incredible creativity, leaving room for a world of ideas.

Your living room lighting should add another element into your space’s interior, but also needs to be practical, supplying the right amount of lighting for every occasion.
Here are some tricks that you can consider for your next lighting redesign.

1 - Ceiling Lights

In the majority of living rooms, the primary source of light will come from above. This is with good reason, as a ceiling light is by far the most effective way of creating an even distribution of light and eliminating shadows.

There are so many options when it comes to ceiling lights, with the perfect solution for every design. If you have a tall ceiling, a cluster of exposed bulbs can produce a chandelier effect but with a more modern twist, creating the perfect focal point for your room.

2 - Wall Lights

A lot of living rooms also include wall fixtures alongside a central ceiling light. Wall lights are an incredibly effective way of drawing eyes to a distant point in your living room, making the space seem even more open. Wall lights are also useful for creating warmth in a living room, as they will often be softer than the ceiling lights.

Wall lights come in an incredible range of shapes and sizes, making it easier than ever to find the style to suit you. If you want your wall light to contribute more warmth for the room, consider a design that allows light to flow smoothly. Glass wall lights are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their ability to provide a soft glow in distant spaces. 

3 - Table & Floor Lamps

For an extra touch for your interior, you might also want to include table and floor lamps. Not only can these provide another source of warmth, but they can also be incredibly useful, especially if you enjoy an evening of reading before bed.

While table lamps did go out of fashion for a bit, they are making a comeback thanks to some stunning modern designs. Statues, sculptures and everyday objects have all been turned into lamps now, making them incredible statement pieces that add a new element to your interior.

If your living room favors a minimalist style, then floor lamps can be the perfect accompaniment. Often long and slender in their design, they can add another element to a living room without taking up too much space.

4 - The Perfect Combination

Ultimately, the perfect living room lighting design will likely incorporate all of the elements featured above. It’s very rare to see a well-designed living room that only uses one of the above.

Combining various lighting elements is the best way to create the perfect living room ambience. A statement ceiling light can be paired with a more subtle wall light to create multiple dimensions to your living room. Adding a floor or wall light can provide the perfect finish for a quiet night of TV.

With many options to suit all manner of styles, the possibilities when it comes to your lighting are almost endless. We hope that this guide will help inspire your next living room overhaul!

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