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Comfort means different things to different people.

Whether it’s being able to shower with warm water in the morning, opening your gate with a click of a button or putting on an air conditioner to cool down, we have the products to make you feel comfortable at home. Most of our products are well known for their quality, especially on the ABC-islands.

Our KDK fans are known for their superior wind distribution, quietness, longevity and particularly for the fact that they are especially made at 50HZ for our electricity on the island. Our Atmor instant water heaters are a household name and our Innovair air conditioners have proven to be worry free especially when regularly serviced by our team. And let’s not forget our NICE electric gate openers for ultimate comfort, quality, safety and long life.

We offer installation and maintenance services and you can sign up for personal servicing reminders. Please ask about our service department.

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