Techniek & Design Plaza

Our team travels around the world to bring you all kinds of furniture, decor and lighting.

From classic furniture to industrial design furniture to hand carved eccentric furniture and much more. At our store you will find decorating products that appeal to different styles. Our team travels to different destinations where they personally select the collections for our store. Part of the selections are based on trends, but their experience with living on our beautiful island is also evident in their selections.

When decorating your home it is a great idea to follow trends, but you should always follow your heart and feel good about the decor and furniture you have chosen. 

Lighting is not only a necessity. Good lighting in a home can complement the decor and furniture in it. So whether you need a lighting solution for practical reasons or to create a cozy atmosphere, we offer excellent lighting for any room in your house. We carry interior and outdoor fixtures, lamp shades, fluorescent lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting, LED lighting and much more. Our team consists of creative people who are ready to guide you and inspire you on your decorating journey.

It is difficult to be completely environmentally friendly on our island, because we depend on import from all over the world. Even so, our team tries to buy only from suppliers who can guarantee certain certifications (FSC – Oeko Tex – PEFC- VLegal). Because we believe it is important to make sure that we leave our earth in good shape for future generations. This means forest regeneration, no chemical leaks into our water sources, ethical work environments for local workers, protection of native animals and plants and general respect for the environment that provides us with so many resources.

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