Techniek & Design Plaza

Bathrooms have changed, they have become the little room in a home where a homeowner finds a moment to relax. This room where we now pamper ourselves has become one to receive a lot of attention when designing our homes. So whether you like to take baths or showers, we have an exquisite assortment of bathroom products like mirrors with built-in lights, several types of showerheads, cabinets, baths and many other products to satisfy one’s unique bathing style. With the environment in mind we have showers and faucets with built-in water saving technologies.

We also carry a line of high quality Swiss and Italian tiles, which are selected with both island living and new trends in mind. This makes for a nice selection of mixable colors, shapes and sizes. Our tiles are durable, easy to clean and maintain their beautiful appearance throughout the years. 

We understand that to fully appreciate tiles you have to see full size samples, so do come see our specially built showroom to get inspired. Our friendly and skilled staff will happily assist.

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