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Your bedroom is a sacred space. About half your life is spent there sleeping in sheer bliss, reading a book, and ending each day. This is a powerful space and the vibe of the room can have a huge impact on how we feel. What you want to create in your bedroom is a place where you can be transported to another realm and we are here to help you achieve that.

Here are 5 interesting tips on how to take your bedroom from boring to beautiful…

1. Create Space

If you lack closet space and want to avoid cluttering a tiny bedroom with bulky dressers, try out a bed frame with storage drawers built into the base. Out of sight, out of mind.. 

Underneath our Mercura beds you can store a number of items. Available in Dark Grey and Beige.

2. Choose Minimalism

A minimalist bedroom can be defined by clean lines, a limited palette, and a stripped-down simplicity. Making a small bedroom seem larger is as easy as adopting a more minimalist style. Having less stuff means everything in the room needs to be both gorgeous and practical. Choose a few statement pieces and keep clutter to a minimum!

Our Ambra bed fits perfectly in a minimalist esthetic. 

3. Use the Right Pillows

With the right (set of) pillows you can create a luxurious look on your bed. Keep in mind that bed pillows go behind decorative pillows.
Mix and match texture, patterns & colors to create a unique room that is all YOU!

4. Throw it Down

Throws are a great accessory to use when styling your bed, but ensure it’s not too neatly folded along the bottom of the bed. Throws should look more informal, casually draped over the corner of the bed..

5. A Calming Color Palette

It has been revealed that people who sleep in blue bedrooms get the most sleep and wake up the happiest. And this is because the ‘happiness receptors’ in human eyes are very sensitive to blue. So when we see the color blue our heart rate slows, we feel calm and can sleep well. Shades of blue with grey or icy undertones also help to mimic the ocean which can help people feel calm and sleepy.

Yellow, a very mellow yellow, is another great color to use in the bedroom. Light yellow is both relaxing and calming and can help people feel comfortable in their surroundings.

The third best color to decorate the bedroom with is green, particularly lighter shades like sage. These calmer greens help create a Zen environment, which is why it is advised to steer away from brighter shades like lime.

Visit us and see our large assortment of beds and see for yourself which one would fit best in your bedroom.
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