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  • When the furniture is first used, the seat cushions may feel quite hard. In the first three to six months, through use the hardness will decrease by about 15% to 20%.
  • After this, your furniture will have been broken in and the optimal sitting comfort will have been achieved.
  • In order to retain the volume and elasticity of the seat and back cushions, it is important to shake or plump them up regularly. This will also extend their life.
  • In general it is the case for all leathers that removing dust with a vacuum cleaner with a furniture brush is sufficient for the daily/weekly maintenance.


The leather of your furniture is top quality. The hides used originate from European cattle. These hides are chrome tanned with a vegetable re-tan. The leather is given a special treatment with wax and oil. The result is a unique type of leather with a sturdy appearance and yet an exceptionally comfortable, soft touch. African leather is 1.3-1.5 mm thick. The natural character is emphasized by the possible presence of (healed) scars, horn marks, insect bites and the beautiful variations of shade. African leather is provided with a medium strength protective finish and is to a limited extent resistant to damp and dirt. Like all types of natural leather, African leather may slightly discolor on exposure to direct (bright) sunlight. African leather is one of the most exclusive and ‘rich’ types of leather. Each African leather hide is uniquely processed which means that every piece of furniture is unique too.

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