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  • It is important that the fabric is brushed carefully and regularly with a special brush. Please always brush in direction of the pile.
  • When vacuuming, always use a soft brush, preferably with a upholstery attachment. In combination with a very low vacuum power.
  • Clean carefully and always brush in direction of the pile, not against, so that the fabric is roughened as little as possible.
  • When a stain appears, try to remove it carefully with a spoon or the back of a knife.
  • Shortly after, moisturize with a (not too wet) terry towel with lukewarm water and put it on the stain. Let the towel absorb the stain completely. It may take several hours. Never rub roughly over the fabric or the stain. It could cause discoloring or bleaching of the dye.


The special feature of this material is the leather aspect in combination with the pleasant sensation of a fabric. These recycled leather fibers make sure that you get this special, unique and thick feeling. The top layer is micro suede with a leather print-embossing.

The backing of these items are made from genuine leather (recycled). Through daily use this aspect will become more visible. This has no further influence on the quality of this fabric.

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