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  • Try not to sit in the same spot every day. Distributing weight over the entire sofa will help prevent premature wearing in any one area.
  • Do not jump on your sofa, throwing your weight onto your sofa can damage the frame, causing it to be less supportive and develop squeaks. Rotate the cushions regularly. Flip them over so the other side faces up, and swap their positions if possible. This will help prevent uneven wear.
  • Sunlight can “bleach” certain types of fabric, so it’s important to put it in a spot that doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight.
  • A wobbly foot on your sofa can easily break, so tightening a few screws would be far easier than getting the whole thing repaired.
  • Always lift your sofa, rather than pushing, pulling, or dragging it around.

What to do when a spill occurs?

  • Vacuuming crumbs, dirt, and other debris can help keep it from getting ground into the fibers, keeping it cleaner for a longer period of time.
  • Start by removing the cushions and vacuuming underneath them and around the frame.
  • Then use an upholstery attachment to vacuum the cushions thoroughly.
  • Avoid “all-purpose” cleaners if you’re looking to make your sofa last longer. It’s better to use a cleaner that’s formulated for your specific material(s).

Some labels use a code to indicate what type of cleaning agent is safe to use for that type of fabric. See below for their meaning…

“W” indicates water-based cleaning products such as upholstery shampoo or mild detergent. Spot clean, using the product sparingly to avoid over-wetting the fabric which can lead to shrinking and water spots.

“S” indicates a solvent such as dry cleaning products or rubbing alcohol.

“WS” means you can use either water- or solvent-based cleaning products.

“X” tells you not to use any cleaning products on the fabric.

  • Always test cleaning products on a hidden area of your furniture to ensure that it will not damage the fabric, before proceeding.
  • Also try to steam your couch at least once a year.
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