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  • Before becoming a furniture piece, the tree lived many years in the great outdoors and was exposed to the elements. All this has formed him to be as unique as you and me.
  • Traces of nature consisting of branch appendage and annual rings build a special surface, which gains more beauty over the years.
  • Your solid wood furniture may receive unevenness or even form cracks or shrink, which forms part of it’s uniqueness.
  • Also know that structural and color differences are part of it’s nature and no guarantee can be given for these changes.

We make sure to work with suppliers that only use FSC-certified wood in order to ensure that their wood comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


Although mango wood is fairly water-resistant, it is advised that you do not clean it by applying water to the surface and removing with a sponge.

  • Wipe down periodically with a slightly damp or dry dust cloth that contains no heavy stitching, in order to avoid scratches.
  • Avoid all cleaning tools with a rough surface.
  • Avoid polish or cleaning products containing silicone, which can dry out natural wood over time.
  • Do not use detergents or any cleaning products that contain ammonia.
  • Be careful when using a liquid or spray polish, as residue left on the surface can lead to discolouring.
  • Rub wax in to the wood to create a beautiful shine and a natural protective finish. It also prevents the wood from drying out.
  • Mineral oil can be applied using a cloth. This will build up over time to produce a protective surface.
  • Minor scratches and chips can be repaired with furniture touch-up pens or soft wax filler.
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