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Products made of polypropylene are products of choice thanks to their lightweight, long-lasting, reliable, and environmentally friendly structure. Preferring such products made of materials with antistatic, weatherproof features; processed with anti-UV materials, and colored uniformly with non-toxic color pigments for outdoor furniture prolongs the durability of such furniture.



You can use soap and water to wash the dirt and dust away from the surface and maintain a lasting cleanup. Also, spraying the surface with a universal non-aggressive detergent will provide a cleaner look. For better results, leave the detergent for a few minutes and wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. We also recommend special plastic cleaners that you can find at DIY stores to remove stubborn dirt and surface marks.

Use a toothbrush to remove dirt from small spaces. Rinse with plenty of water and dry with a dry cloth. All the rattan and stacking furniture can be cleaned in the same way.



Spilled liquids should be removed immediately with a clean, soft cloth. Particularly in case of dark-colored liquids such as wine, ink, coffee, coke, oil and bird droppings. If left to dry, these liquids may cause permanent damage.

What to do when a spill occurs?

  • These surfaces are best cleaned with a neutral cleaning product diluted in water and a common kitchen cleaning product or detergent.
  • Do not use any bleaching products or other abrasive cleaners.
  • For more persistent stains, first use a brush to remove encrusted dirt.
  • If using a pressure washer, be aware not to damage the surface.


When cleaning, do not use aggressive detergents and/or abrasive materials that may scratch the surface. For dark-colored products (black, dark grey, etc.), we recommend placing them in shaded areas to best preserve their color over time.

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