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  • Before becoming a furniture piece, the tree lived many years in the great outdoors and was exposed to the elements. All this has formed him to be as unique as you and me.
  • Traces of nature consisting of branch appendage and annual rings build a special surface, which gains more beauty over the years.
  • Your solid wood furniture may receive unevenness or even form cracks or shrink, which forms part of it’s uniqueness.
  • Also know that structural and color differences are part of it’s nature and no guarantee can be given for these changes.

We make sure to work with suppliers that only use FSC-certified wood in order to ensure that their wood comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


When exposed to natural elements or placed in direct sunlight, teak will slowly turn from its original golden honey color to a soft, silvery gray. This patina process is completely normal and serves as a natural way to protect the wood.

Like all woods, teak expands and contracts in the heat and cold. If left outdoors, extreme weather changes can cause the wood to crack, so it is recommended to cover the furniture or bring it indoors when not in use.


If you choose to seal your teak or purchase a product that is already coated with a clear or colored sealant, maintenance will be very similar to natural teak. You should never oil sealed teak—it’s unnecessary since the sealant will already preserve the wood’s color. Applying a teak oil to your furniture will help to restore its original finish, however, it will quickly revert to its weathered look if the oil is not applied every couple of months.

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