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How to Style a Coffee/Side Table in Your Living Room

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Giving your living room a stylish makeover is easier than you think. And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a full-on décor overhaul or a costly remodel. Creating a chic and modern lounge space is all about how you style your coffee/side table.

As the focal point of your living room, it has the power to make or break it. An elegant coffee/side table will elevate the entire room and give it a magazine-worthy look. We’ve rounded up some of the best living room table ideas for your home.

Revamp your living room with these simple table décor tips and tricks.
You’ll find the perfect table décor ideas below to make your favorite space more functional and pleasant.

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1. A Bespoke Design

The line between art and design is blurred these days, and that’s a good thing. It’s an easy way to add an artsy vibe to the room. Not only will it add plenty of character to the space and make for a great conversation starter, but it will also create a chic, gallery-like feel.

2. The Odd Numbers Rule

When it comes to styling items on your coffee/side table, the rule of thumb is to always group them in odd numbers; three and five work and look best. If you’re going for three items, you can place them all on one end of the table. But if you choose to arrange five objects, try to distribute them evenly on the tabletop so one end doesn’t look too cluttered.

3. Classy Black & White

You can never go wrong with a classic color scheme like black and white. A white or light grey marble-top coffee table with black legs will fit perfectly into this sophisticated aesthetic. Alternatively, a couple of artsy side tables can do the trick. This living room table idea looks extra chic with hardwood floors.

4. Add Softness with a Round Table

A round coffee or side table adds a bit of softness and some curves into a boxy room. The great thing about styling round living room tables is that they don’t need to have complex tabletop designs. Place a beautiful vase with flowers on a large coffee table book, or a trio of candles to complete the picture. This living room table décor idea can breathe new life into a tired space.

5. Minimal is King

For a more bare and minimalist aesthetic, consider a simple wooden table in a natural finish. Select one that has a unique element to it. The two-leg design of this one adds a modern, architectural vibe to the piece. To complete the look, place something simple like a vase or a candle on it.

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