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Couch Cushions Styling Guide

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Styling a couch can be difficult, as it is often the center piece of the space.
Sizing of cushions, what to do in the corners, and what color palette to go for are all difficult questions. 
Start by choosing the color palette. Start with the color of the couch and build from there. Try to lean more toward a neutral palette and add in one or two pillows with color. There are multiple ways to style a couch, so in the end it comes down to your personal style.

Here are our recommendations on how to style the cushions on your couch.

Option 1: Minimal Modern Look

Keep it simple with just two large cushions, one on each side.
For a minimalist look, use pillows of the same color.

Option 2: The Classic Look

One step above the Minimalist Look, we have the Classic one. This look consists of two large square cushions + two smaller square cushions. The two larger ones should be of one solid color and the smaller ones can have a nice print. Try to stick to the same color palette to keep it classy.

Option 3: The Well-Layered Look

This look can vary. Mix up pillow patterns and sizes, have them matching or all different.
Make use of two large squares + one smaller square + one lumbar cushion to achieve this look.

Option 4: Classic & Center Focused

If you don’t want an empty space in the middle, or you just want to add more cushions, this look make be the one for you. With two large squares + two smaller squares + one lumbar cushion, your couch will have a complete and full look.

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