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Decorative baskets to help keep you organized!

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Using decorative baskets to help keep you organized is a great way to store home items. If you are on a serious mission to get some things organized around your home, then we have the solution! There is always something very satisfying about having an organized home. Today we are sharing some decorative baskets to help keep you organized…

Living Room

Let’s start with the living room. This is normally the biggest space of the house and can always use a little organizing 😉. You can make use of baskets to hide all kinds of clutter like wires and other stuff that is not used all the time. Baskets can also be turned into nice planters. We have baskets from small to large, and also with wheels. This will make storing them that much easier…

Kid's room

The one place that is in constant need of a little order is probably the kid’s room. With toys and books lying around, it can be hard to keep up. Make use of large baskets to store all books and toys in an orderly matter. You can create more space by hanging them up on the wall. Turn cleaning into a fun game by letting the kids put everything in the right basket! With a little DIY you can also make your own customized basket, just be creative.

Bathroom/Laundry Room

The bathroom/laundry room are places that we like to keep clean and neat. And what better way to do this, than by using (small) baskets. Create a rack with your towels neatly rolled or folded in a basket and store all toilet paper nicely in another.  Keep your laundry separated and in order, by using baskets. One for dirty laundry, one for clean laundry, or you can even give everyone in the household their own. The options are endless.


Having a lot of pillows on your bed is lovely, but when it’s time to sleep it can be hard to find a spot to put them all. Baskets can be the solution! Use them to store your pillows during the night, to put your dirty laundry in or simply to decorate. With a nice warm plaid, it will give a luxury feel to the room.

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