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Improve your study space with one of our desks and give it an immediate boost! With our tips below you will be able to organize your desk in a way that will optimize your productivity and make the next steps in your education smooth & easy…

All desks shown below are available at Techniek & Design Plaza!

1. Do More With Less

Order and cleanliness are essential both in the physical work area and on your virtual desktop. When the files on your computer are a hot mess, you may feel less like the productive and organized student you know you want to be. Better to clean, remove, and sort everything from day to day than to let it accumulate. If you don’t want to get rid of old documents, one good idea is to create an archive folder and get the clutter out of sight. Logging into an organized computer creates peace of mind and the desire to keep up the good work.

2. Hide the Cables, Fight the Chaos

Apart from ruining the aesthetics of our space, they also make us feel uncomfortable. The more wireless devices you can get, the better: headphones, mouse, keyboard, the list goes on. If you can’t get rid of all of them, another option would be to buy a surge protector to direct all cables to the same place. There are also cable organizers and gutters you can buy to hide cables for a neater and less chaotic environment. Coincidently these are also available at Techniek & Design Plaza! Our colleagues at Electra & More will gladly help you fight your cable chaos.

3. A Little Nature

A simple plant or two can have a tremendously positive effect on your well-being in the long run. Houseplants help us connect with nature right where we are and they add color and life to a boring, gray, and dull space. Houseplants help reduce stress levels and give you a new way to spend your mini-breaks (watering and pruning are fantastic activities for stress relief). Depending on the lighting conditions in your study area, you may want to opt for succulents and/or ferns.

4. The Clean Canvas

You haven’t finished until all your things are in the right place. Your desk needs to be clear when the day is over. Finding a cluttered desk the next day is unpleasant; you will feel less enthusiastic and discouraged to start a new day. Instead, a clean and organized desk setup invites us to study/work, and the day begins on the right foot.

5. A Natural Light Boost

If you want to optimize your study space, improving lighting is a huge priority. In addition to giving its magic touch in terms of aesthetics, proper lighting has the potential to change your mood and maximize your energy, concentration, and memory function. Our bodies need exposure to very bright light daily to maintain our sleep-wake cycle. The quality of our indoor lighting, therefore, determines the quality of our sleep, and consequently our productivity and well-being.

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