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Wondering how to decorate an Easter basket as we celebrate the holiday this weekend?
We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas, plus the baskets, trinkets,
and other decorations for you to use, so you can create your own.

1. Egg-cited for Easter

In the center of your breakfast room table, an Easter basket will be the center of attention. Keep it simple with a small basket filled with a mix of pastel shreds and Easter eggs. Surround it with moss, a few bunnies and some Easter jelly beans.

2. Gift Baskets

Why do we give Easter Baskets as a gift on this special Sunday morning?

The tradition dates back thousands of years when pagan people would pray to the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility, Eostre, who was depicted in ancient art as cradling a woven basket in the crook of her arm.
Over the eras, this imagery evolved: To celebrate the end of Lent, early medieval Christians would arrive to church bearing baskets of delicious goods to be blessed by their priest. According to later European folklore, a mythological rabbit was believed to deliver a basket filled with colored eggs for good little children.

Choose your basket and fill it with small gifts to honor the tradition of giving..

The images of wrapped gifts are only for illustrative purposes. 

3. Say it with Flowers

Easter is celebrated in spring-time and there is no better way to incorporate this than by adding some beautiful flowers. Nothing beats beautiful fresh flowers, but for a bouquet that can be enjoyed for a very long time, you can take a look at our artificial flowers.

4. Hang it Up

Welcome your guests before they even enter the house!
Hang a basket full of spring flowers, plants and some small Easter decorations onto your door for the perfect Easter entrance.

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