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Home Decor Must-haves

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Whether you’re redecorating your house or moving into a new space, turning your house into a home requires lots of thought and planning. As you consider factors such as budget and size, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of your vision. But building your dream home means more than figuring out logistics, it’s about making your space friendly for you and your family. You can begin your home transformation with the below home decor essentials that’ll bring your dreams to life!

What is essential for good decoration?

The best home decor accessories allow your personality to shine and keep you excited to walk through the front door. Home decor essentials such as pillows and blankets should be functional, stylish, and of course comfortable. Other types of home decor essentials such as wall art, vases, and accents should grab your attention the moment they catch your eye. You want to astonish your guests and yourself, with every trip home.

You should fill your space with home decor that elevates its joy and comfort. The way your home decor looks and feels can make all the difference to you, your family, and your guests. Showcase your personality and create a welcoming environment with the below decorating ideas.

1. Decorative Pillows

Nothing says warm and cozy quite like some nice decorative pillows. These simple home decor additions make a practical, fashionable impact. There are endless options to choose from for any color scheme or room theme.

You can place your stylish pillows on beds, couches, benches, sofas, chairs, or even just in an eye-catching basket. Whether you go for bright colors and bold patterns or neutral tones and simple designs, your home will look alluring. Plus, you’ll always have a pillow to rest your head on.

2. Throw Blankets

If you add decorative pillows to your home, it’s only fitting that you pair them with throw blankets. You can place your throw blankets on sofas or the end of your bed, or you can fold them over a bench. You can also hang them over chairs or fold them over a basket. Whatever brings the right dimension to your home. They elevate any space with their color, texture, and comfort.

3. Fancy Books

You can do so much more with books than just read them. If you’re an avid book collector, try bringing your books out of boxes and showing them off to your guests. Fancy books add a ton of personality and style to your home on a budget.

Take a trip to your local thrift store or porch sale to search for some vintage finds. Displaying your new collection in your living room, study, or bedroom can bring a sense of elegance to your space. You’ll also never have a problem finding something to read.

4. Oversized Mirror

When you’re decorating a smaller room, you may be hesitant to add furniture, art, and other eye-catching sights. That’s understandable as you might worry that your accessories will take over the space. If this sounds like you, then an oversized mirror may be the perfect solution. Both practical and elegant, your mirror can help your small room feel larger since it reflects light.

Try hanging a gorgeous oversized mirror across from a window in your study, over your entrance table, in the bathroom, or above your bedroom vanity. You’ll be amazed at the magic a mirror can bring into your space.

5. Small Rugs & Mats

You might think the only way to keep your home looking clean and polished is with completely bare floors, but that’s not quite correct. Floor attire including small rugs and mats can completely transform your home’s atmosphere. Just place a welcome mat at your entryway to create an additional layer of depth and texture. Or you could place a small mat by the sink in the kitchen to tie the whole room together. You’ll bring new bliss to washing dishes and chopping veggies.

6. Wall Art

Think of an empty wall as a blank canvas, but instead of painting it, try putting up some beautiful wall art. You can get as creative as you want with your wall decor. After all, wall art is much more than just framed paintings. Framed pictures, illustrations, signs, decals, or tapestries are all on the table (and the wall).

7. Personal Accents

Your dream home is just that,  your dream! You should walk in and immediately feel relaxed. A great way to achieve that experience is with personal accents around your home that make it feel like a unique extension of yourself.

To figure out which personal accents to add, think about accessories that you enjoy. That might mean a collection of vases, plants and succulents, vintage books, DIY projects, artwork by your favorite artist, or anything else. You could also hang photos or portraits of family and friends to really make the space your own.

8. Baskets & Crates

For something that serves as both storage and aesthetically pleasing home decor, try baskets and crates. Their versatility means you can use them in almost any room to help with organization.

Wicker baskets can bring a homely feel to your space and hold blankets, shoes, books, or snacks in your pantry. Wire baskets can hold your toiletries, towels, or produce. And if your kids are always leaving their toys out, a fabric storage might change your whole space. It can conceal the kids’ toys while adding texture and style to the room, and you’ll go from chaos to comfort in mere moments.

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