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How to Rock Mismatched Dining Chairs...

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Everyone wants a dining room with a little personality. To create this aesthetic you can make use of mismatched dining chairs. It’s one of those dining room interior ideas that infuses your dining room with extra visual interest and flair. It gives your dining room a less formal,
more eclectic style. Mix and match to find that perfect combination that is right for you!

Scroll down for our tips on how to style a dining room with mismatched chairs.
All chairs shown below are available at Techniek & Design Plaza.

1. Mind your Heights

When it comes to mismatched chairs, it’s not a free-for-all situation. To pull off this look, you want to make sure all the seat heights are approximately the same. This creates a leveled look and a sense of consistency, even when the styles of dining chairs are quite different. 

2. Mix & Match Shapes

For added visual interest around the table, mix and match different chair shapes. You might not realize how much the shape of a chair’s back influences the vibe for a dining room, but they really do have a lot of impact! So, mixing different shapes not only adds nuance to the style of your dining room, but it adds a lot of visual interest as well.

3. Same Color, Different Styles

When trying out mismatched dining chairs, color can be a great unifier. Whether you have two sets of two chairs, or even two chairs and a bench, having them all in the same color gives a common thread to the look. This lets you venture into a wider mix of dining chair styles and shapes, but in a way that will appear complementary!

4. Keep it in the Family

If you’re more of a traditionalist and like the look of a full dining set, but want the slightly more casual approach that mismatched chairs offers, try mixing chairs from the same family! This is a great way to play it safe with the mismatched chair trend.
Below for example we matched our Chloe chair in Graphite & Light Grey and our Bristol chair in Velvet Grey & Crème.

5. Consider the Shape & Scale

When playing with a mismatched dining chair look, it’s important to consider size and scale. Look for chairs that are roughly the same size but with enough visual variances that they feel like different chairs. This will give the set-up a complementary look while still achieving that eclectic vibe of mismatched chairs.

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