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Modern bathrooms are undeniably beautiful, characterized by a high-gloss look, luxury finishes, and a minimalist design. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the notion that a modern bathroom “should” look a certain way, with clean lines and neutral colors. This is the most common way to design a contemporary space, but it’s not the only way! In fact, there are hundreds of ways to style your bathroom and still achieve the modern result you desire.

Scroll down below for ways to tweak your bathroom and still achieve
the modern result you desire.

1. Modern Color Schemes

Simple black & white is not the only way to design a modern bathroom. Although black, white and shades of grey are the most popular color options for modern bathrooms, you shouldn’t limit yourself to what is most common. Earthy colors like jade, emerald green, deep blue and turquoise can really pop in a modern bathroom. Even bright, non-traditional colors like bright yellow and fire engine red can look stunning on the walls, floors or cabinets. When choosing colors for your bathroom scheme, go with what makes you feel happy and refreshed.

2. Natural Wood

To add an earthy vibe to your modern bathroom design, opt for natural wood cabinets. The grain of the wood provides a lovely natural contrast against a stark white shower tile and white countertop. Exposed bulb pendant lights illuminate the room and incorporate an artistic touch.

3. Unique Wall Decor

One inexpensive way to spruce up a modern bathroom wall is with a framed piece of art or one of your favorite photos. A piece of wall art can function as a statement piece that centers the bathroom design. It’s also easy to swap out the art or photo for a different print when you decide you’re ready for a change.

4. Creative Wallpaper

Bored of traditional modern bathroom backsplash or regular tiles? Try a patterned wallpaper that adds character to the room without distracting from the rest of the design. An unique yet subdued geometric wallpaper adds some shape to the bathroom without it being too busy. Fun wallpapers are great for homeowners with more of a modern eclectic design style.
Our Tempaper shown below is a perfect way to achieve this. Installation is easy, simply peel away the back liner and stick to the wall! 

5. Back-Lit Mirror

Update your modern bathroom mirror with soft back-lighting. The subdued glow creates optimal lighting to apply makeup or style hair. It also turns the mirror into more of a statement piece. This is an affordable and easy way to give your modern bathroom a custom touch. 

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