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Nightstand décor ideas: How to style your room with nightstands...

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When styling your bedroom, nightstand décor is where you can really let your creativity shine to create a focal point within your room. But a bedroom nightstand is so much more than a decorative element. Your nightstand is also a place where style meets functionality, so you’ll want to choose one that works with your bedroom’s aesthetic while leaving plenty of space
and adding storage.
Although there are endless ways to decorate your bedside, we’ve gathered nightstand ideas that ensure your bedroom reflects your style as well as your needs. There’s a lot to consider when selecting nightstand décor, depending on your space, style and needs.
Scroll down below for our tips and tricks on how to style your bedside table in your bedroom… and beyond.

The Size

The size of the nightstand should depend on the space you have available within the bedroom, but also on the general aesthetics of the room. 
In a larger room, a bedroom nightstand on each side of the bed can provide additional storage space as well as a balanced look. Decorate the top of a nightstand with plants or an elegant vase to ensure a clean, simple aesthetic.
If the rest of the room has a minimalist, natural feel, a statement nightstand table can help create a focal point without overwhelming a room. A curved piece can add an architectural element that creates a commanding presence and offers the space to add both decorative and functional accessories.
Working with a smaller space? You don’t have to sacrifice your bedroom’s style. An attached nightstand can take care of the essentials while the lighting moves to sconces attached to the wall. When adding decorative elements, look up. Artwork or mirrors above nightstands allow you to add decorative style if there isn’t room on the table. 

The Material

If you’ve invested in high-quality bedding, the material and color scheme can also help you decide what type of bedside table and nightstand décor is best suited for your room. 
The luxurious, modern look of sateen bedding in rich colors pairs nicely with a simple bedside table that doesn’t overwhelm a room.
A solid-wood table that uses clean lines within its design offers a simple, organic contrast to the sumptuous fabric. 
The casual elegance of linen bedding can carry over into your bedside table. Consider the textural details that recall the natural weave of the fabric, so the two look like they were designed to be together. 

Natural Element

A plant or flower is an easy way to bring the outdoors into your bedroom. Lacking a green thumb? High-quality artificial plants look almost real (we won’t tell). Or consider a different inspiration from nature. A solid wood bowl or a granite candle holder can add a pop of color and visual interest to your nightstand décor.

Nightstand décor outside the bedroom

Don’t limit your bedside tables to the bedroom, a decorative nightstand can fit into any space. The elegant curves that add interest to a bedroom can work well in another room to soften the look of your home décor. 

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