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Our 3 Favorite Tips for Indoor Plant Styling

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Whether you’re a plant expert or a new plant-parent who discovered the amazing benefits of houseplants during lockdown, once you bring plants into your home, it’s hard not to fall in love. 

And if you’re greenifying your home, you are probably trying to think of more creative and beautiful ways to show off your collection than just placing a humble pot on the floor or shelf. 

Lucky for you, we have the solution! We have put together our three favorite ways to style houseplants at home. With these simple plant styling ideas, indoor plant styling has never been easier. Ready? Check it out below…

Wall Plant Hanger: The Perfect Way to Style Cascading Indoor Plants

This is one of our favorite plant styling tips, mainly because it brings your plant to eye level, while making sure you get to enjoy it at its fullest. Elevating your plant also allows you to better monitor its health and needs, and you get to show it off to your guests. Lastly, decorating vertically, especially with cascading plants, draws your eye up and makes the room look larger, and who doesn’t want that?

Indoor Plant Styling with Plant Stands

Imagine a chunky sofa sitting flush on the floor. Now imagine that same sofa on long, thin legs. Can you feel that breath of air? Elevating plants with a plant stand is a great way to breathe air under the plant, almost like levitation. Plant stands will draw the right kind of attention to your plant and help it take center stage. Even more so if you make use of bold colored planters, like the luxurious golden planters shown below…

Level Up!

Displaying plants at varying heights adds dimension to your space. So instead of grouping together several plants and placing them all on the same table, experiment by displaying your houseplants at different heights. Round up several plant stands or end tables in different heights and cluster them together. Or to make it even easier, use a planter like the one in the picture below! With its 3 pots, each on a different level, it adds dimension while looking super chic.
This tip also ensures smaller plants are not obscured by larger plants.

Styling your houseplants will make your home look and feel pulled together and create the right look and vibe. Figuring out how exactly to style your plants can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Use any or all of these tips to style your houseplants and capture just the right look and feel you want in your home.

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