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How to pick and style accent chairs...

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Nestled in the corner of your bedroom or paired perfectly with your living room sofa, accent chairs can transform those empty spaces into something chic and swoon-worthy. More than additional seating, accent chairs infuse a sense of home into any space. Accent chairs are the most flexible piece of furniture and can be moved and rearranged at ease. Accent chairs are versatile in style and function, working well as an alternative chair for your dining room table, a creative focal point in your home office, or as stylish seating in your living room or entryway. Here, we put together a couple of ways to incorporate accent chairs into a variety of spaces.

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Add a special touch to your home office

Just because it doesn’t swivel doesn’t mean it won’t make a good office chair. You can turn your bland office into a stylish space with the right accent chair. When shopping for an accent chair that doubles as an office chair, make sure to consider the height of the chair compared to the bottom of the desk. You wouldn’t want a chair that doesn’t fit comfortably underneath. 

Provide extra seating for friends and family

Need additional seating in the living room? Providing your friends and family with a place to sit, makes entertaining them more comfortable and casual. Pair one or two accent chairs with a sofa, sectional or loveseat to accommodate a large social gathering. And don’t forget to put a nice little side table in between!

Set the tone with color and prints

When decorating with accent chairs, try to focus on details such as pops of color and texture to add interest and charm to your space. An accent chair may fit your stylistic and functionality needs, but if it doesn’t match the existing color palette, it’s likely not going to be a good fit. 

The fabric should also pair nicely with the rest of your space. Think about complementary textures. When the other seat cushions and furniture pieces in the room are heavy in texture or shape, you might want to choose an accent chair that has a smooth texture and slimmer or tapered legs, and vice versa.

Mix and match with dining chairs

Accent chairs make exceptional captains’ chairs at the head of your dining table, mixing beautifully with simpler dining chair or bench styles to create a unique gathering experience.

Open arms and round curves create visually pleasing spaces

In small spaces, you want to have room to breathe. When choosing accent chairs, keep the following in mind to maximize your design:

  • Armed chairs can impose visual boundaries that can overwhelm a space.
  • Armless chairs are welcoming and don’t block sightlines, making the room feel more open and spacious.
  • Chairs with rounded corners take up the same space as any other accent chair, but because of its curves, they provide a visual effect that creates the illusion of a more spacious area.
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