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Why Choose Us ?

Techniek & Design is the place to find varied quality products that are a perfect blend of style and utility. Whether you are looking for the right accessories to make your house a home, just wishing to replace your old sofa with a modern or contemporary piece, trying to cool a room with quality ventilation or air-conditioning products, looking for modern tiles to dramatically change the look of a room, looking to spruce up the bathroom with new bathroom furniture or new faucets, wanting to create ambiance with the right type of lighting or you just need a high quality fuse box. Techniek & Design Plaza gives you the ultimate shopping experience as you can select from its various European design furniture, Swiss quality tiles, a divers light studio, fuse boxes or any other electrical installation material to give the right feel to your home. Visit our store, linger and let your creative juices flow while you decide which of our products best suits your style. So see you soon at T&D, where you’ll find everything for your home and great service from our personnel. Tiles – Home Comfort – Installation – Patio Living – Decoration – Furniture – Bathroom Furniture – Lighting For the convenience of its valued customers, Techniek & Design Plaza also has a service team that can install products bought at our store, from a simple light switch to an electronic gate opener, water heater or solar boiler.

In 1993 two brothers started making fuse boxes for a living. With the years their little business grew into a successful electrical installation supply store. Little by little the assortment grew and the range of products became wider. Expansion was inevitable. So despite recent downturns in the economy, the brothers who believe in the development of our islands, invested in the expansion of a new store on Curaçao. Techniek & Design Curaçao is now a 4500 square meter home improvement store that employs around 50 people locally. In 2011 a branch was opened on the island of Bonaire. It is very important for us to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers.
We believe that we can only achieve this goal with the help of our employees. Our vision is to keep growing as a company while empowering our employees and expanding their vision and capabilities in their field.

Our team travels to many countries around the world in search of tiles, home comfort products, lighting, installation material, patio furniture, bathroom products, home furniture and decorations. Every home has a unique character that mirrors the people who live in it.
When you build a house, every room is a blank canvas. Techniek & Design is here to help you make these rooms into a home where you can have family time, dream, entertain, grow, create and be at peace.

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